Gubbio is one of the oldest cities in Umbria, marvelously preserved over the centuries and rich in monuments that bear witness to its glorious past.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Ingino, Gubbio is among the oldest cities in Umbria, wonderfully preserved over the centuries and rich in monuments that testify to its glorious past.

Events and manifestations in Gubbio: do not miss from December 7 until the Epiphany the magnificent Christmas Tree of Gubbio, the largest in the world as it has a height of 650 m!

The most typical event is that of the Corsa dei Ceri, held annually on May 15, the eve of the feast of St. Ubaldo, patron saint of the city. The candles are three wooden “machines” about seven meters high, which have on top the statues of S. Ubaldo (patron saint of masons), of San Giorgio (traders) and Sant’Antonio abbot (peasants).

The Palio of the crossbow – It takes place on the last Sunday of May.
And a competition in medieval costumes, with two prizes, the “Palio” to the winner, the “Tasso” (target) to the second, and a historical parade.

Other events that enrich the cultural offer of Gubbio include: Gubbio Summer Festival (between July and August), Other chocolate, food and wine review (October), Islands, Gubbio music festival (July-September), Gubbio No Borders Italian Jazz Festival (August).

The National Market Exhibition of white truffles and agri-food products (late October-early November).